If your company’s managerial or tax accounting needs fit into our suite of services, you can start feeling more relaxed and confident about your business right now. If we both say “yes” to doing business together, Gerlach Accounting LLC will stick with you through every bookkeeping entry, every question, every issue, every taxation requirement and more. Only with tenacity and persistence do we cheerfully pursue our work assignments. When we take on a project, we own it.

Whether you’re a private individual or run a business, you have a dedicated, calm and cheerful partner in Gerlach & Company for the following services:

Account Reconciliation – Where there’s an error, we’ll find and correct it, keeping your records straight.

Tax Planning – Monthly, quarterly or semi-annually, we help you avoid tax surprises and over taxation.

Managerial Accounting – We help identify, measure, analyze, interpret, and communicate accurate financial information in pursuit of your business goals.

Individual Tax Preparation – Eliminate the stress of tax season. You’ll be relieved of the time and hassle required to accurately prepare and file your tax returns.

Bookkeeping – We can handle your books “soup to nuts.”

Personal Financial Assistant – High net worth individuals can have an accounting and tax expert to assist in the administration of their transactions.

Tax Returns – Accurate, timely filing of tax returns for individuals, sole proprietors and corporate entities with authorized representation before the IRS.

Should you have a question about bookkeeping, cash flow or taxes, please feel welcome to call Gerlach Accounting LLC. We enjoy helping people by answering their bookkeeping & tax questions and hope you’ll remember to call us first when you have a need – 603-769-4087.